Sponsoring the 2024 ONE RUN FOR MS

Being part of the solution is great, being part of an epic adventure is even better!


In the vast expanse of Iceland, where glaciers meet rugged landscapes and the Northern Lights dance across the sky, a unique journey is about to unfold. A 1400-kilometer run around the Ring Road is not just a physical challenge; it’s a powerful statement of determination, resilience, and a deep commitment to making a difference. As I embark on this incredible odyssey, I invite you to join hands with me, not just as a sponsor but as a vital partner in the fight against multiple sclerosis (MS).

The Ring Road, encircling the picturesque island of Iceland, presents a formidable challenge for any runner. A journey that spans diverse terrains, from lush green valleys to volcanic plains, this 1400-kilometre run is not merely a test of physical endurance but a symbol of the uphill battle faced by those living with multiple sclerosis. Each step will echo the struggles of those affected by this chronic, often disabling disease, and every kilometre covered will resonate with the collective hope for a future free from the constraints of MS.

Multiple sclerosis is a complex autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system, disrupting the flow of information between the brain and the body. As a result, individuals with MS often experience a wide range of symptoms, including fatigue, difficulty walking, numbness, and even paralysis. This silent intruder can strike anyone, irrespective of age, gender, or background, altering lives in unpredictable ways.

By choosing to run for MS awareness and fundraising, I aim to shine a spotlight on the challenges faced by those living with the disease and their families. It’s not just about covering kilometres; it’s about bridging the gap between understanding and action. With your support, we can contribute to research, education, and support programs that are instrumental in improving the lives of those affected by MS.

As I lace up my running shoes and prepare to face the Icelandic elements, I recognize the significance of partnerships in effecting real change. Sponsorship is not merely a financial investment; it’s a shared commitment to a cause that transcends personal boundaries. By partnering with me on this journey, your brand becomes an integral part of a movement aimed at raising awareness and funds for MS.

Your sponsorship will be prominently featured throughout the entire journey, reaching a diverse audience both locally and globally. From social media updates and live tracking of the run to traditional media coverage, your brand will be associated with a story of determination, courage, and compassion. This visibility extends beyond the run itself, as the campaign will be documented in various forms, creating a lasting impact that resonates with audiences long after the run concludes.

Consumers today value brands that go beyond profit margins and actively engage in social responsibility. By aligning your brand with the fight against multiple sclerosis, you signal to your customers that your company is not just about products or services but is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. This association with a meaningful cause can strengthen brand loyalty and enhance your corporate image.

Involve your team in the journey by encouraging them to support the cause actively. Sponsorship can be an opportunity for team building, and fostering a sense of community within your organization. Employees will take pride in being part of a company that prioritizes social impact, contributing to a positive work culture and higher morale.

Partnering with me on this run provides a unique opportunity for your brand to be associated with a cause that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. Your commitment to fighting multiple sclerosis becomes a tangible expression of corporate philanthropy, showcasing your brand as a socially conscious entity dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.

As I prepare to embark on this 1400-kilometer journey around the Ring Road of Iceland, I invite you to join me in the fight against multiple sclerosis. Your sponsorship is not just a financial contribution; it’s a powerful endorsement of the values that define your brand. Together, we can turn each kilometre into a step towards a world free from the grip of MS, where individuals can live their lives to the fullest, unburdened by the challenges of this relentless disease.

Let us be the driving force of change, demonstrating that when individuals, organizations, and communities come together, the impact is not just measured in kilometres but in the lives transformed and the hope rekindled. Partner with me on this extraordinary journey, and let us run towards a future where multiple sclerosis is a thing of the past.

The story behind this massive run and why it will matter to many

On my last mission, One Run For One Life 2022, I ran from Montréal to Quebec City to help Malik, a five-year-old boy with a severe type of leukemia, and his family. On that run, a very close friend accompanied me and crewed for me. Her name was Sophie. Through thick and thin, she was a real champ. Never once did she complain, argue, comment, criticize or judge how I trained and performed the run. Although I knew that she wanted me to quit at times, she never suggested it to me. She assisted me like a real pro. I wish I had met her many years back. I knew she did not quite understand why I endured so much suffering to help others, although I always understood why she invested so much of herself into helping her patients as a specialized nurse practitioner (SNP). Many times during the run, I glanced at her face when she thought I did not see her, and the look on her face displayed how horrified she was about what I was enduring.

At the finish line, some 270 km later, we hugged, and she whispered in my ear, “now I understand why you do this.” The next day, in the car on our way back to Montréal, she asked me if I wanted to do this again with her. I looked at her, puzzled. She told me that although she knew I was hurting badly during the run, my dedication inspired her, and seeing me happy regardless of the pain made her realize that I would no longer be the same person if I did not engage in these types of missions. I answered that I would love to have her crew for me again. And together, we agreed that our next project would have to take place in an epic setting, preferably in another country. I suggested Iceland, and she said yes almost immediately. To Iceland, we would go. I was ecstatic because I had finally found someone who understood who I truly was and did not judge what I did. Sophie understood me in so many areas of life and was always my lighthouse, guiding me when I felt lost. Unfortunately, we will never go to Iceland together. On November 18, 2022, Sophie passed in her sleep for no apparent reason.

Sophie was in my life for only three years but was a real inspiration for me. And although she had multiple sclerosis, she never showed weakness in public and worked very hard, too hard, as a SNP. I saw firsthand her suffering from her condition in private, and I felt helpless because I could do nothing to help her. Although multiple sclerosis was not Sophie’s cause of death, I decided I would still go to Iceland and run to raise awareness and funds to fight MS in her honour. I would carry a sample of her ashes around my neck for the entire run and bury it at the finish line. So, in a way, we would have still run the Icelandic Ring Road together.


Embarking on this mission to raise awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis (MS), I am deeply committed to supporting individuals and families affected by this chronic disease. My focus extends from improving the daily lives of those with MS to advocating for policy changes, fostering a global community, and encouraging early diagnosis. Together, we strive for breakthroughs in research, leading towards a future where the challenges posed by MS are overcome, and the triumph of hope prevails. This cause aligns with the principles of corporate social responsibility, offering a positive impact on society beyond business operations. Join me on this impactful journey to make a difference in the lives of those affected by MS.

Why sponsoring my run is a fantastic opportunity for your organization

Sponsoring my run presents a fantastic opportunity for your organization, offering significant public relations benefits and the potential to boost sales. Aligning your brand with the cause of fighting multiple sclerosis creates a positive brand image, enhancing your reputation and fostering goodwill among consumers. This association provides increased visibility through media coverage, social media mentions, and event-related promotions, expanding your reach.

Moreover, targeting socially conscious audiences aligns your brand with their values, creating stronger connections and loyalty. Positive word of mouth generated by active involvement in charitable activities can lead to increased brand advocacy. Sponsoring humanitarian events not only benefits externally but also boosts internal morale, increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Networking opportunities with like-minded businesses and influential individuals, as well as differentiation from competitors, are additional advantages. While the primary goal is contributing to a noble cause, the positive associations can translate into increased customer loyalty and potentially improved sales.

In conclusion, sponsoring the One Run For MS 2024 humanitarian run to fight multiple sclerosis is not just a compassionate choice but a strategic one. It builds a positive brand image, increases notoriety, and holds the potential to drive sales. This sponsorship allows your organization to showcase a commitment to making a positive impact on society, resonating well with both existing and potential customers.

How you can help me fight multiple sclerosis

Embark on the ultimate Icelandic adventure with me as I take on the challenge of conquering the entire Ring Road – a staggering 1,400 km journey. This isn’t just a run; it’s a powerful campaign against Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and I need your support to make it a resounding success.

To make this epic feat possible, I am seeking $100,000 in funding, as well as essential products and gear. This financial support will sustain not only my relentless run but also a dedicated film crew capturing every moment for a compelling documentary. This documentary will serve as a catalyst, extending the impact of our efforts in the ongoing fight against MS.

Imagine running almost two marathons per day for 21 consecutive days – an extraordinary challenge that demands resources. Your contribution will directly support me and my team of six, ensuring we have the means to execute this mission seamlessly. But it’s more than just about the run; it’s about leveraging multiple marketing tactics to raise awareness and funds for the crucial cause.

By aligning your brand with this monumental endeavor, you’ll be part of a groundbreaking initiative to combat MS. Your support will be prominently featured, not only during the run but also in the documentary, highlighting your commitment to this vital cause. Additionally, I aim to set an official Fastest Known Time (FKT) for this route which is currently set (unofficially) at 25 days, further amplifying the visibility of your brand.

In joining forces with us, you’re not just supporting a run; you’re investing in a campaign that will leave a lasting impact. Your crucial support will play a pivotal role in making this mission a success, creating a powerful narrative that resonates with audiences worldwide. Together, let’s run towards a world free from the challenges of Multiple Sclerosis.

Don't miss out on a great opportunity to shine

If you are interested in sponsoring One Run For MS 2024 and help me raise awareness and funds to fight multiple sclerosis,

How can my run help your brand expand its notoriety and sales?

Strategic visibility is a key factor in helping your organization create a powerful emotional bond between an audience of hundreds of thousands and your brand.

I offer an extensive array of opportunities for your brand to truly stand out and shine in the spotlight. Take a few minutes to explore the multitude of options presented below, each meticulously designed to elevate your brand’s visibility and resonance.

Branded Gear and Apparel

Embark on the incredible 1,400 km run with me and be an integral part of this transformative experience. Your support is not just about contributing; it’s about joining the journey in a meaningful way.

Wearing meticulously selected branded gear and apparel, I become a living testament to your commitment to making a difference. Picture this: logo-adorned T-shirts, functional rain gear, and branded vehicles, all working together to create a mobile promotional platform that spans the rugged roads of Iceland. As I conquer each kilometer, your brand resonates with diverse audiences, making a lasting impact.

This comprehensive strategy goes beyond logistics; it ensures that your brand is prominently featured throughout the entire charitable event. By sponsoring this run, you’re not just supporting a cause; you’re amplifying your brand’s positive association with a remarkable journey against multiple sclerosis.

So, why just be a spectator when you can be a vital part of the narrative? Join hands with me on this epic run, and let’s make every step count in the fight against multiple sclerosis.

Live Updates and Social Media

The social media strategy for the event involves dynamic engagement and real-time updates. The plan includes daily social media takeovers by different sponsors, live Q&A sessions on Instagram or Facebook, sharing behind-the-scenes content, dedicating posts to each sponsor, and incorporating interactive challenges to engage followers.

Additionally, a daily highlights video, collaboration with influencers, and the creation of custom hashtags aim to maximize visibility and audience interaction. On the live updates front, GPS tracking will provide real-time location updates, daily milestone updates will showcase distance covered and achievements, scenic views will capture the Icelandic landscapes, weather reports will acknowledge sponsor gear, and reflections on challenges and triumphs will emphasize the strength required, expressing gratitude to sponsors for their support.

Interactive Map and GPS Tracking

During the event, I will use GPS tracking to create an interactive map on a dedicated website, showcasing my real-time location and progress. The website will feature sponsor logos and messages along the route. Key components include a live GPS tracking website with an event clock, daily distance updates, and milestones.

Sponsors can customize pins on the map based on their contribution levels. Social media integration will provide automatic updates on progress and encourage sponsors to share their involvement. Virtual challenges and rewards, an interactive media gallery, daily blogs or podcasts, sponsor spotlights, quizzes, virtual cheers, and a charity thermometer will enhance engagement and fundraising efforts.

The initiative aims to foster a sense of community, acknowledge sponsor support, and celebrate milestones throughout the event.

Daily Video Recaps

The project involves daily video diaries recorded during this massive run in Iceland. The videos, shared on social media, feature scenic spot highlights, daily challenges, behind-the-scenes footage, exploration of local culture, interactive Q&A sessions, charity partner features, daily reflections, guest appearances, epic drone shots, sponsor challenges, milestone celebrations, and weather updates.

Sponsors’ logos, messages, and product mentions are strategically incorporated throughout, offering a comprehensive and engaging portrayal of my journey while expressing gratitude for sponsor support.

Sponsor Challenges and Prizes

The initiative proposes engaging sponsors by encouraging them to create challenges or contests associated with the run, such as predicting total distance or guessing finishing times. Incentives for participants include sponsored prizes, with the aim of enhancing sponsor visibility through announcements and acknowledgments.


Embarking on this run is not just a personal journey; it’s an opportunity to weave a narrative of endurance, purpose, and the profound impact of sponsor support. Recognizing this, I am committed to bringing a dedicated film crew to document every step of the journey and the stories it unfolds.

The resulting documentary will be a visual chronicle, shedding light on the challenges faced, the breathtaking landscapes traversed, and the unwavering spirit of determination. It goes beyond a mere record of a run; it becomes a testament to the synergy between personal resilience and the backing of sponsors who believe in making a difference in the fight against multiple sclerosis.

The premiere of this documentary will be a significant event, hosted in a fitting venue that brings together the media, family, friends, sponsors, and the wider public. It’s an opportunity to share the journey’s emotional highs and lows, fostering a deeper connection with the cause and the collective effort behind it.

But the impact doesn’t end there. By publishing the documentary online, we extend the reach and amplify the message. This online platform becomes a powerful tool to increase donations, as viewers from around the world can witness the challenges faced and the triumphs achieved during the Iceland run.

Virtual Meet and Greet

During the run, I plan to host virtual meet-and-greet sessions with sponsors, offering a unique opportunity for direct interaction and Q&A. These exclusive sessions will be promoted on social media, highlighting the special access sponsors will have to engage with me throughout the event.

Don't miss out on a great opportunity to shine

If you are interested in sponsoring One Run For MS 2024 and help me raise awareness and funds to fight multiple sclerosis,